Our mission is to accurately and efficiently administer Chapter 13 cases by serving all parties of interest in the bankruptcy estate.
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Electronic Submission of Documents:

Please use our automated submission email addresses for documents falling into the following categories:

a. Tax Returns (taxreturns@ch13md.com)

b. Expense Verification (expensedocs@ch13md.com)

c. Income Verification (incomedocs@ch13md.com)

d. Market Analysis (marketdocs@ch13md.com)

When using these email addresses, the subject line must Contain only the case number formatted as XX-XXXXX.


All other document submissions made by email should be directed to the appropriate CASE ADMINISTATOR

See Contacts page.

Please include the case number, debtor’s name, and the hearing date in the subject line to ensure your documents are quickly placed in the file. (11-XXXXX Smith, Jane 5/17/2011)

Abbreviations Key:

Ch 7 = Ch 7 liquidation test

TX = Treatment

DI = Disposable Income

BPO = Broker’s Price Opinion

POC/c#  = proof of claim

DMI/CMI = DI per Form 22(c)

FMV = Fair Market Value

GF = gross funding

SE = self-employment

PP = plan payment

MFR/MRS – Motion for Relief from Stay

TR = tax returns

EMI/EMP = Equal Monthly Installments

MTA = Motion to Avoid

PCC = pre-confirmation certification

ACP = Applicable Commitment Period

MTV = Motion to Value/reduce interest rate